Unity 2018.2.2f1 업그레이드시 Textmesh Pro 문제

Unity 2018.1 을 쓰다가 2018.2.2f1 업그레이드를 하고 문제가 발생했다. 사용하던 Textmesh Pro가 충돌을 일으킨건데, 2018.2 부터는 기본으로 포함되서 중복문제가 발생했던 것.

해결책을 찾아보니 다음과 같은걸 찾았다.


To summarize these steps
(1) Backup your project

(2) Close all open scenes.

(3) Remove previous version of TextMesh Pro by deleting the “TextMesh Pro” folder. Be sure to review any changes you may have made to the TMP Settings or to any of the assets contained in the “TextMesh Pro” folder hierarchy.

(4) Install the latest version of the TMP UPM package by going to “Window – Package Manager” and selecting version 1.2.4 (which is the latest).

(5) Import the TMP Essential Resources as well as the TMP Examples and Extras (optional but recommended). See “Window – TextMeshPro – …” menu.

(6) Convert project files (related to TMP) to the new set of GUIDs and FileIDs used by the new TMP UPM package. This is done by using the “Project Files GUID Remapping Tool” also found in “Window – TextMeshPro – …” menu

당황하지말고 위 순서대로 따라하면 해결 가능. 근데 사용하던 폰트는 어디로 날라갔을까? ㅋ